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My art appears in a variety of formats---books, sculptures, and cut outs.  Each composition tells a story which begins as an idea but once the process is underway, the art takes command. The process unfolds; I become aware of patterns of recognition and  memory and nudge it toward the direction of completion. Rarely is the work completed on my terms, but always on the terms of the work.




        Carl Chaiet was born in Manhattan and raised in Mount Vernon, New York.  He could view the spire of the Empire State building from his bedroom window, and the outline of New York City’s skyline. It was this early image that sparked his creativity to draw worlds that exist yet are transformed by his imagination. Bridges, trains, remnants of architecture from the 1930’s, his Grandmother’s china, his father’s automobiles have all made appearances in his children’s books.  Chaiet began to draw early in his childhood and he credits drawing as the skill that propelled him to pursue art receiving a BA from Hunter College and MFA from Lehman iCollege.  He has taught art in both high schools and colleges.

         His work has been shown in galleries and museums nationally. Currently, he is working on a new series of “Cut Outs” and on a retrospective of his ink wash drawings from the Telford and Earnest series.


   Chaiet works in a small studio in Sharon, Connecticut where he has lived for the past thirty years.  Although he can no longer  view the Empire State building, his imagination is spurred on by the landscape and beauty of New England.

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