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 The Adventures of

  Telford & Earnest

Telford began as a doodle with a bird in a tree. I realized the bird resembled my friend Ernst and thus Earnest was born. I loved word games so I created the second character Telford who became a lexicographer, while Earnest would be his bird butler. I wrote the first story "It Could Have Been a Rose" on the back of the proverbial napkin, and spent the next two years illustrating it, in pencil and ink wash. 

I wasn't satisfied with the first rendition of "It Could Have Been a Rose", so I created another tale "Being Earnest",illustrated completely in ink wash, and written by my wife Lynn. This was the first book we published but due to an accident at the printers only 300 survived. 

I returned to "It Could Have Been a Rose" with all the illustrations produced in ink wash with Lynn continuing the saga. 

The clamor of my public caused me to create the third in the series with the usual suspects returning, Telford, Earnest and Lynn. The title was "Man's First Word".

 "My Scottish Adventure", the last in the series was illustrated and written by me.

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My Scottish Adventure title page
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